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Buy CashCrusader Software now for only $69.95!
Free hosting and great benefits included!

  CashCrusader Feature Highlights

  • Paid-to-Click, Paid-to-Read E-mail, Paid-to-Signup, Paid-to-Review with country targeting
  • Rotating Banner, Text, Pop-up and Pop-under Ad Manager
  • Reward by Points or Cash
  • Gold Membership Program
  • Set Your Own Payout Levels, Payout Rate and Advertising Prices.
  • Ability to provide Members with Sign-up Bonus and Referral Levels are Unlimited.
  • Automated Referral Contest
  • ProxStop integration
  • Cashout Manager (UPDATED IN 3.1!)
  • Referral/Downline Renting
  • Automated Contest PTCs
  • Postback support (NEW IN 3.0!)
  • Forum bridge for MyBB (NEW IN 3.0!)
  • Country targeted banner ads/text links (NEW IN 3.0!)
  • Flexible PTC redemption manager (NEW IN 3.1!)
  • IP Range blocker (NEW IN 3.1!)
  • Modular structure, huge amount of 3rd party plugins available
  • See Full Features List and a demonstration site

Buy CashCrusader Software now for only $69.95!
Free hosting and great benefits included!

  Our Latest News

December 06th 2014 - CashCrusader 3.1.5 released!
Postback Catchers have been improved, bug fixes and the country IP database has been updated. Details available here.

August 02nd 2014 - CashCrusader 3.1.4 released
This maintenance release addresses PHP 5.4 related issues and updates the country IP database. Details available here.

July 30th 2013 - Signup check - a freebie plugin
An open source plugin called Signup check has been released. See details here.

July 21st 2013 - CashCrusader 3.1.3 released
This maintenance release addresses found issues and adds couple new features. Details available here.

June 20th 2013 - CashCrusader 3.1.2 released
A maintenance update has been released to address found issues. Changelog available here.

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